The Event




The international PV&E-Conference (former CVE-Conference) would like to make its contribution to support and promote practitioner, researcher and policy makers, which are engaged in the field of crime prevention, to share ideas and knowledge of different kinds of crime prevention; to discuss several possibilities and to foster national and international approaches and networks.

Crime Prevention embraces a lot of fields of work (violence against the elderly and children, violence in sport, radicalization etc.) Islamist, right wing and left wing extremism are only exemplary fields, but sometimes it seems thathandling with violent extremism has become a part of everyday life. It is not therefore surprising that the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism ranks currently high on the international political and social agenda. Even so, it should be noted that our understanding about the impact of preventive programs and measures is still limited. There are also suitable approaches and ideas in other countries which could be transferred or implemented in a national context.

Hence, the conference wants to promote the exchange of international and interdisciplinary knowledge and therefore the two days conference facilitates participants to present and discuss innovative and promising approaches, methods and findings and to extend their networks and competences for countering violence and extremism.

The upcoming international conference "Prevention of Violence and Extremism"  (PV&E´20) takes place in spring  2020.

Preventing Violent Extremism

“PVE” invites to think about the ordinary meaning of “Preventing Violent Extremism” and to the ´smooth side´ of tackling violence and extremism, but the addition “&” implicit the meaning “Preventing Violence & Extremism” and looks also to other actors and fields of violence. Existing structures of early support, social work, counselling etc. also promote the implementation, development and work of measures. Experiences in the field of violence against the elderly and children, gender based violence, violence in sport, radicalization etc. are further valuable resources and closely linked with PVE and enable to address different perspectives like the local/regional/national/international, structural perspective etc.